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Wake Up! Spring is here...


Spring? Wait a minute… What ‘s spring?

Juuuust kidding. Even with the impressive snow record here in New England, we have not forgotten what spring is; how beautiful it looks and feels, and how new and fresh everything looks

 Although our BoardStiff stores had to struggle through winds, snowfalls and low temperatures (which are still around), the warmth has never left our hearts. What’s more - the sun is always shining bright here online at You can get that same feel when you shop for a pair (or few) of new sunglasses from a huge variety of designers.  We have a pair that fits whatever your mood or style is

The outdoor activities season is in full bloom right now! Remembering to find a great pair of sunglasses is just as important as remembering to stay healthy and fit. Spring is the time of rebirth and change, so why not refresh that exercise wardrobe to include a fabulous pair of sunglasses that speak to your sense of style AND keep your eyes healthy by blocking those UV rays.  

Lifted right from the runways of NYFW2015, The world of sunglasses offers up a rebirth of its own: The Round Framed Sunglasses. Certainly a distinguished retro style, it's trending right now with all the fashion designers as the new "IT" shape.  These are NOT your great-grandmother's round sunglasses.  Sporting fun frame colors and bright lenses, they can be Retro Chic, as with the Ray-Ban RB3447, simply elegant like the 3046S from Persol or spectacular with glittery embellishments like these fabulous Miu Miu 13NS.

WAKE UP WORLD!  Time to shake off the cloak of hibernation and embrace the warm feeling of the approaching spring.  Get outside and do something - Smell that fresh air...and along the way, don't forget to look stylish doing it.  We at are on the front lines of the world's fashion trends and are her to help you Look your best while you're Being your best!

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