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5 Best SUP Beaches on Cape Cod

SUP. It’s not just how teenagers greet each other.


  • It’s one of the most popular of all water sports and for good reason:
  • It’s relatively simple! All you need is a little balance and you’re good to go.
  • It’s great exercise, especially for those who want to work on their core.
  • If you like being out on the water and connected to nature, SUP is the sport for you!
  • You’ll get some great perspectives of the water and the shore.
  • Matthew McConaughey SUPs. Alright, alright, alright!

So what do you need to SUP? Here’s a brief synopsis of the basics, from how to choose a board to how to choose a paddle.

If you’d rather test out the sport before making an investment in a board, then don’t worry. Our Board Stiff stores in Falmouth (click here) and Provincetown (click here) offer two-hour and eight-hour rentals that won’t put a dent in your wallet. And our friendly staff can give you all the tips and tricks to ensure your SUP experience is an enjoyable one.

Once you have your gear, you just need a beach to launch your SUP board. If you live on Cape Cod or are visiting for the first time, there are plenty of places to get your SUP on. But what are the best? Well, we have you covered. Here’s our top five SUP spots for the summer, in no particular order:

  1. Megansett Beach – Located roughly 15 minutes from our Board Stiff store in Falmouth, this beach is calm, quiet and relatively secluded. It’s perfect for SUP beginners – and those more experienced – as it provides scenic views of North Falmouth, and its beautiful coastline and homes. In the summer, don’t be surprised if you see SUP enthusiasts practicing yoga early in the morning.
  2. Skaket Beach – This public beach on Cape Cod Bay is renowned for its beautiful sunsets, making it ideal for those wanting to SUP against a picturesque backdrop.
  3. Sandwich Town Beach – With a popular boardwalk leading over the marsh to the beach, getting there is half the fun. The other half is on the water, where those on a SUP will have views of a clay reef and the sea life below. Town Beach is also a prime spot for scuba divers thanks to a ship wreck not far from the shore.
  4. Sandy Neck Beach – Cape Cod’s longest beach offers first-rate views of the bay and is another calm location from which to launch your SUP and enjoy the ride.
  5. Herring Cove Beach – One of the more calm beaches in Provincetown (right near our other Board Stiff store), this is another must-see for those searching for the perfect Cape sunset. And with the opportunity to spot seals and whales breaching, splashing and playing in the distance, those on a SUP will have the ideal perch to observe nature in all its glory.
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