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7 Tips For New Runners

7 Tips for New Runners on

So, you’ve decided to pick up running. Perhaps this is part of your New Year’s resolution or maybe the hint of Spring days ahead has you feeling like getting outside. Regardless of the reason, getting started as a runner is a great decision. The cardiovascular benefits partnered with the way running can clear your head and boost endorphins makes it a great sport to get involved with.

You may find yourself wondering, what exactly do I need to become a runner? Well, at its most rudimentary, your own two legs will carry you through. But, if you’re like most of us, you want to have a few pieces of new gear to make the transition easier and to help you enjoy the miles you’ll be laying down. To help get you in the groove we’ve outlined a few of our top tips for new runners.

 Pace Your Running on

  • Start slow and pace yourself

There’s no need to try to be Usain Bolt right out of the gate. Sure, that might be your goal, but don’t expect to get there overnight. Start slow and keep a manageable pace so that you can run for longer periods of time without exhausting yourself. Keeping a steady pace can also help with your endurance training.

Stance Performance Socks on

  • Invest in good socks

Naturally we all think of shoes when we think of running. We don’t, however, tend to consider the life changing benefits of investing in a good pair of socks. Your running socks act as a cushion between yourself and the pavement and can seriously reduce stress to your feet and joints. Stance Socks are an excellent, high performance brand that will help you dominate the pavement and feel good afterward, too.

SunBum Protection on Your Run on

  • Beware of the sun while you run

While you’re running you are often in full view of the sun. This means that you need to take extra precaution while running to protect against sun damage. You’ve probably seen veteran runners who have neglected proper sun protection over the years. They often have severe sun damage and potentially cancer later in life. We recommend Sun Bum and Zinka for their high SPF levels. These brands are designed for athletes and will keep you safe even as the sweat starts pouring.

 Sports Water Bottles on


  • Stay hydrated

Regardless of your sport (or lack thereof) staying hydrated is crucial. Proper hydration will carry you through your workouts and keep you healthier between them. Carrying a bottle while running may seem like a chore. There are a number of smart sport bottles that help ease the burden of bringing them with you on the road. Honestly, even if it may seem like a hassle, remember to bring water and take sips throughout your workout.

 I'm singing while I run, I'm singing while I run

  • Bring music to stay motivated

The hardest part of running is taking the first step. Set up a stellar running playlist and bring it with you to get pumped up and to motivate you along the way. We all know that refreshing feeling when, after you’re already feeling pretty tired, a great song pops on and you feel a new found motivation to keep going. Good playlists can be found online or with Spotify that are tailor made to get you pumped and keep you that way. Make sure to use a high performance pair of headphones that won’t get in the way while you run and will stay in even once you’re sweaty.

Oakley Runners Sunglasses on

  • Invest in running glasses

You’d be surprised how the glare of the sun on the road starts to wear on you after a while. Squinting your eyes, mile after mile, can prove a greater muscular strain than the running itself. Score a pair of Oakley running sunglasses for yourself that will keep you safer and more comfortable on your run. Why safer, you might ask? Without the glare on the road you will be able to see your surroundings more clearly. For us urban runners this could mean dodging a car that might not see you.

track your running progress

  • Track your progress and set goals

It’s a good idea to start keeping a little running journal. There are plenty of apps available that help you to track progress as a runner. Knowing the difference between where you started and where you are today will provide all the motivation you need to stay in the game. Track your distance, your speed, and the way you feel after running.


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