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All You Need is Love...da-ta-da-ta-da

All You Need is Love


            Happy Valentine's Day * 2016

There’s a saying that the couple that shreds together, stays together.

Or more generally, the couple that plays together, stays together. It’s a simple equation that boils down to the simple fact that shared experiences help strengthen a relationship.

So it is with that basic premise that we start our Valentine’s Day blog. While many will argue it’s a commercial holiday, the concept behind the day – not only telling your significant other you love them, but showing you do, is an important one.

And perhaps there’s no better way of showing that you love someone by spending time with them. Of course, having fun in the process always helps, which is where we come in.

Here are a few recommendations, straight from X-Wear corporate and endorsed by the little round guy with the arrow that can pierce our hearts – Cupid, himself:

  • Take It Tropical – Nothing brings us happiness more than a winter vacation somewhere warm. And if that’s not possible, thoughts of warmer weather will have to suffice. You can get a jump start on your vacation (or on summer) with matching his and hers wetsuits (click here), perfect for underwater adventures that start with snorkeling and end with scuba diving; in between you can add surfing and SUP.

If you’re feeling particularly intrepid, take a look at our skimboard, surfboard and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) , all of which will add any excitement to a day at the beach. And don’t forget the sunglasses; these ones are ideal for long hours at the pool or in the water.

  • Ride in Style – Long before Tony Hawk arrived on the scene, skateboarding was the coolest form of transportation. Of course, having a partner to ride with makes it all the more fun.

At X-Wear, we have complete boards or you can build or you can retrofit your own with our assortment of bearings, bolts, trucks and wheels

  • Capture the Craziness – Wherever your adventures take you – on the beach, in the woods or on the mountains – you’ll want to record the excitement you and your significant other have had, both for posterity and as a constant reminder that life is better when it’s shared with someone you love.

This is where the GoPro comes in handy. With a first-person POV and recording capabilities that are unparalleled, these cameras (check them out here) provide high quality footage (up to 4K) without breaking the bank. And with the ability to shoot photos as well as video, you have an all-in-one camera that you can (and should) take anywhere.

With a variety of mountsthese ones are ideal for winter excursions – there is no limit to what the GoPro can capture. That’s pretty crazy.

So this Valentine’s Day, we dare you to think outside the box. Your girlfriend (or boyfriend) or husband (or wife) will thank you. Now start shredding.

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