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Own A Work Of Art": HULA BLUES

Hula Blue by Maui Jim on

This summer get your hands on a piece of history. The historic partnering of Maui Jim and Vinylize is about to give way to a truly revolutionary summertime sunglass. The team plans to craft only 6000 pairs of limited edition sunglasses.

The frame, designed by the trusted sunglass maker, Maui Jim, will be pressed together by heating and shaping an actual vinyl record. And not just any vinyl record! They will be pressed using actual 12 inch vinyl records of the 1923 recording ‘Hula Blues’ which, for many, embodies the lifestyle and spirit of the Hawaiian islands.

This song was carefully selected by both parties because it truly represents the golden era of Hawaiian living. The soft tones and unforgettable rhythm was produced nearly 100 years ago but is still one of the most recognizable songs to those on the islands as well as around the world.

On the inside of the signature vinyl frames, you can find the original sheet music for the song. By keeping the musical influence of these frames as true to their essence as possible, the manufacturers are packaging them in undeniably Hawaiian patterned boxes.

Maui Jim knew that the lenses on these timeless sunglasses needed to mirror their spirit as well. They will be offered in only neutral gray and a deep bronze variation. These lens colors are intended to not take away from the artistry of the frames but naturally enhance the colors in the world around the wearer. For those who will actually wear the glasses in their tropical home, the colors of the ocean, trees, and ubiquitous flowers will be heightened and intensified.

Vinylize is famous in Europe for using vinyl records to create new works of art. They say that they were very grateful to be partnering with a fellow sunglass lover, Maui Jim, who they say did not ask them to sacrifice in quality of design or construction on this project.

And thank goodness they didn’t sacrifice because the outcome is undeniably perfect in every way. In fact, the partnering was so successful that it would not be out of the question for Maui Jim to find future artists and musicians to make inspiring, limited edition sunglasses with.

With the additional vinyl records that do not end up needing to be used, vinylize plans to release them for their intended purpose, to play and enjoy the tunes of Hula Blues. This is yet another testament to the companies that are trying to really resurrect the golden age of Hawaii.

With only 6000 pairs being put into production, getting ahold of a pair might be a bit of a challenge. Get your pair here before they’re gone and hula into your summertime dream!

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