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Can An 8 Year Old Be A Skateboard Star?

Sky Brown and Vans on 


The youngest competitor in Vans US Open Pro Series has officially hit the scene. Sky Brown is only 8 years old and hails from Miyazaki, Japan. Her long journey out to California for the competition proved well worth it, however, seeing as she made Vans history as the youngest competitor ever. Although she did fall off of her skateboard during a heat, her determination and spunk, partnered with her shockingly young age, made her a crowd favorite. It was truly an inspirational moment at the competition to watch young Sky fall off her board, put her head in her hands for a moment, and then hop right back on her board, this time with a vengeance. She is certainly one in a million, but it does look as though her younger brother is following suit. At only four years old, Sky’s younger brother, Ocean, is ramping up to be quite the skateboard prodigy himself.

So, what does it take to become so masterful at a sport at such a young age? Pure determination, consistent practice on a daily basis, and the ability to get right back up on the bard, even after taking a spill in front of thousands. Her parents were skateboard sensations themselves. They knew that Sky would have a propensity for the sport and put her and her younger brother in a preschool with a skatepark. That means that starting at the young age of three, both children have been exposed to the skating world and have been encouraged to better their abilities as athletes and skaters.

In addition to skating, Sky is a very adept surfer. You should definitely check out some of her surf videos! Her parents are firm believers that one sport’s performance can be improved by working on others. They must be onto something, seeing as Sky’s skating abilities have steadily improved in tandem with her surf skills. Her parents also manage an adorably inspiring Instagram account for their prodigal children, highlighting their talents and adorable, little faces. So, if you’re looking to become the next athletic prodigy, it’s all about getting on whatever board you can at every single opportunity. And also, as Sky proves, the most important thing is just to get out there and try! It’s ok to fall down. What matters is how you handle getting back up.


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