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Freestyler Joe Parsons: Back to Back Gold

 Joe Parsons at X-Games and X-Wear

If you’re an extreme snow sports fanatic chances are you know who Joe Parsons is. If not, take a look at this video of him becoming the first Freestyle Snowmobiler to win back-to-back gold medals at the Xgames.

If you’ve seen some interviews with Joe, you’ll know him as a normally mild-mannered athlete. That goes to the wind for a moment when Joe realizes he’s just become the first man to win the gold two years in a row. 


Between hugs and kisses to friends and family Joe pauses to let the cameras in on an insane secret, the jump that won him the gold had been attempted 12 times and only landed 3!  When realizing he was facing a 75% fail rate with the trick he’d use to break the record he says, ‘it was game time and I knew what had to be done”. If only it were that easy for all of us, Joe!

The moment was a real tearjerker for all involved in the XGames and freestyle snowmobiling. Fellow snowmobiler and competitor, Colten Moore is seen from the sidelines literally in awe of Joe, cheering him on as he lands jump after jump. You know you’ve got some real talent when even your competition has to recognize the insane skill you’ve got to be pulling off tricks like you are.

So what finally did it for Parsons to help him bring home the gold yet again? Well, he pulled out a move that had never before been seen. The Vault! In this one he’s in the air and turns his body fully around on the sled, at one point being completely backwards on the sled. Then, while still in the air he flips around yet again to land perfectly back on the snowmobile. The crowd knew that this was the move too that would likely push him over the line into XGames record setting as you can tell from the insane cheering all around.

Well done, Joe!




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