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Our Picks for The Best Oakley Sports Sunglasses

Even if you’re 100% pro, chances are you’re not entirely in the know about all the best sunglasses to wear for different outdoor activities. And that’s ok! We’ve outlined top outdoor sports glasses so that you can get back on the road/in the seat/ on the trail, or however it is you do what you love!

Oakley Flakjacket on


When you’re out there pounding the pavement there’s nothing worse than having your record time ruined because you have to keep pushing your glasses up your nose or saying, ‘screw it’ and taking them off all together. The Oakley Flakjacket collection is a top rated pick for serious runners at a seriously doable price. Starting at $170 depending on add-ons, polarization, and special edition pairs, this lightweight glass will keep your eyes shaded mile after mile.

 Oakley ChainLink on


When in the saddle you need a pair of glasses that are going to stand up against whatever terrain you might speed through. That’s why we’ve chosen the Oakley Chainlink Glass for our cycle fanatics. These bad boys are made with a lightweight resin frame that’s water, oil, and dirt resistant. Also, constructed using a hydrophilic side material, these glasses will only hug closer to you as you start to sweat. Coming in at just over $100, they’re an excellent cycling lens!


 Oakley Fuel Cell on


When hiking, scrambling, or doing light climbing you’re going to want a glass that’s light weight, durable, and able to help you stay focused even as the terrain around you is changing rapidly. The Oakley Fuel Cell glasses are our favorite pick for even the most avid hikers. Their full coverage helps you get panoramic vision (crucial when you’ve gained crazy elevation and are about to get a breathtaking view), a lightweight frame, and insane polarization to suit you even if you’re wading through thigh-high alpine streams. At only $170, you’ll be glad you’ve got the best when you’re perched at the top of the mountain.



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