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LALA Pogopalooza

Photo Credit: XPogo

The Pogopalooza is an annual event filled with pogo stick jumping, rock and roll music, and screaming fans. With jumpers hailing from all corners of the country, this niche extreme sport features plenty of incredible pogo feats as well as painful tumbles and spills. The Pogopalooza has been the epicenter for the world of Xpogo for over a decade. It first started in Lincoln, Nebraska in a parking lot and now has grown into a multi-city touring extravaganza with exhibitors from all around the world ready to debut and showcase hundreds of varieties of pogo sticks.

The competition at Pogopalooza is divided into three main events. There is the freestyle event where competitors race through a course designed specifically for pogo sticking. The course is constructed of ramps, blocks, and uneven terrain. This otherworldly course allows jumpers to show off their pogo skills. For most people this terrain would be enough to completely wipe the rider out. But for competitors at Pogopalooza, this landscape is perfect for showcasing technical skills and improvisation.

The second event is the high jump. In this heart pounding competitive event, jumpers attempt to soar high into the air and clear wooden bars at various heights. Jumpers begin from a ledge, hopping onto the earth with substantial initial height. They then approach the bar, attempting to gain more height and momentum, enough to clear the bar. If they knock the bar from its perch they are instantly disqualified. Jumpers rise to insane heights and often set world records. In recent years it is not uncommon for jumpers to clear the bar at well over nine or ten feet.

The third and most fun event is the trick event. In this one jumpers debut incredibly creative tricks that they have mastered on their pogo sticks. Because of the prominence of Pogopalooza, many of the tricks performed at the event are being shown for the very first time anywhere in the world. 

This extravaganza moves all around the world and will only increase in production value and prominence as time goes on. Niche extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular over time and Xpogo is the perfect example of how nearly any activity can be made extreme.

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