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Summer Splash with Kololo

What’s summer without some playful fun?

This week we’re highlighting a brand that is fairly new to the game, but has already won us over.


Vogue Magazine. Harper’s Bazaar. Elite Daily. Paris Hilton. The Kardashians. Need we say more?

Kololo’s line of floats are THE ultimate summer must-have. Crafted with beautiful curves, vibrant colors, and the utmost attention to detail, Kololo floats use only the highest quality, non-phthalate vinyl to ensure the finest floating experience. Known for their oversized and playful vibe, these floats are flying off the shelves and becoming the centerpiece for your backyard pool parties. We’ve even seen some out on the ocean… why not?!

Easy Inflation - Double valves that allow for quick and easy inflation by air pump or hairdryer on cool.

No Hassle Deflation - When you are ready to pack up, simply pull the plug for rapid, hands-free deflation.

Get Comfy - Kololo’s non-phthalate, Soft Touch™ Vinyl ensures a super comfortable and luxurious floating experience with no added risk of toxins.

Giant Narwhal

“Said to possess supernatural healing and protective abilities, the Narwhal’s horn is the source of true, magical power. With the desire to possess this magnificent creature’s horn and power, ancient Kings and Queens traded gold and jewels in order to acquire it; and thus, the mysterious Narwhal has only become more elusive. Can you win over this legendary creature’s love and trust?”

Inflated size: 78" x 43" x 40”

Shop Narwhal

Giant Unicorn

“A beautiful, fierce, and wild creature, the Unicorn has eluded humans since the beginning of time.  Said to be untamable by man, this breath-taking creature soars through the clouds with elegance and style. Can you tame this mythical beast?”


Inflated size: 96.5" x 41.3" x 43" 

Shop Giant Unicorn

Big Unicorn

“Introducing the baby of the KOLOLO Unicorn family! Said to be just as magical and beautiful as its giant counterpart, the Big Unicorn offers endless, enchanting adventures in a smaller size. Soar through rainbow skies with an easier pack and play option! Now, more portable than ever, where will you take your Unicorn?”

Inflated size (LxH): 67.5" x 32.25”

Shop Big Unicorn


Mini Unicorn Cupholder

“Make any drink enchanting with this pocket-sized, majestic companion. Imagine floating off into the sunset atop your KOLOLO Unicorn while sipping on a delicious, cold drink transported to you on the back of a Magical Unicorn. What could be more perfect? Standard cup holder size fits all but oversized cups/mugs. Also doubles as a phone holder.”

Inflated dimensions 15.7in

Shop Mini Unicorn Cupholder

It’s all for a good cause


One of the biggest dreams of Kololo is to bring awareness to the world and save magical creatures. Magical creatures aren’t just made up of mythical beings such as unicorns and narwhals, but they are actually around us everywhere. 

This year, Kololo is dedicating our eff,orts and a portion of our profits to saving Elephants. As a keystone species, they drastically change the environment in which they live in by helping to proliferate the ecosystem as well as the other species that live in it.

We are supporting Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, an elephant sanctuary devoted to saving enslaved and distressed Asian Elephants that have been abused, disabled by hazardous labor, or orphaned by poachers.

Check out Elephant Nature Park:


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Shop the line at or in-store at Board Stiff (193 Main St, Falmouth, MA and 273 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA)


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