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The Boys of, November 2016!

Cubs and

October brings us Hockey, Football and Basketball ...but it also gives us the last vestiges of the year's Baseball season...and last night was an ending for the history books!  

Everyone knows by now that the Cubs - under the tutelage of our own curse-breaking former GM, Theo Epstein, broke their 107 year World Series drought by bringing home the championship to Wrigley Field.  Due to the outstanding efforts on both teams, the Boys of October became the Boys of November!

The weather cooperated by giving the fans unseasonably warmer November temperatures and held off the worst of the rain until the regulation 9 innings had been played.  Only thing is, They needed 10 innings to do it.  

But Mother Nature was listening and gave the players just a little bit of a respite...allowing Jason Heyward the opportunity to gather his teammates around and tell them `We’re the best team in baseball for a reason. Continue to play our game, support one another. These are your brothers here, fight for your brothers, lift them up, continue to stay positive. We’ve been doing this all year so continue to be us.’  And that's all it took!

For Red Sox baseball fans, if we weren't vying for the title, we don't think there would have been two better teams to watch battling it out to bring home the title.

Both teams, playing their best to end their decades-long World Series drought like we had, with many of the players from our beloved sox...Theo, Jon Lester, John Lackey, David Ross on the Cubs against Terry Francona, Andrew Miller, Coco Crisp and Mike Napoli on the Indians. 

If you couldn't #GetOutThereAndDoSomething last night...then watching this nail-biter of a World Series was a great alternative.

Our congratulations to the Cubs on their monumental win...and the Indians for giving us a great series!  


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