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The Flying Squirrel: No, Not Rocky Or Rodents

 Quincy Symonds on

Quincy Symonds takes dedication to a whole new level. At only seven years old she’s taken home more trophies, medals, and awards than most of us will in a lifetime. Hailing from Australia (no surprise here), Quincy is a surf prodigy often known as ‘The Flying Squirrel’. Quincy has been surfing pretty much since she could walk and won her first surf competition at only four years old. What does it take, you may ask, to become so professional at such a young age? Well, on average about eight hours in the water per day, followed by gym sessions that’ll give any bodybuilder a run for their money, and a determination and dedication that is almost super human.

Quincy’s surf coach admits he’s pretty astounded by her level of determination. Seven year olds, he’s noted, are never so focused or driven, and that’s part f growing up. But Quincy, on the other hand, seems to have been born with the sole goal of shredding waves. And she’s wasted no time getting to it!

What can we do, you may ask, to even get close to young Ms. Symond's skill level? Surfing success is made up of a blend of the best gear available and inhuman amounts of time spent training. Most of us over the age of seven don’t have eight hours a day to spend on the waves, so making sure we’ve got gear that’s best suited for our skill level is absolutely key.

A paddle jacket is something we’ve found incredibly useful, especially for those looking to improve their skills in the water. Not all of us want to wear a wetsuit that can sometimes be restricting, certainly the case for newer surfers. Instead opt for this Quiksilver paddle jacket that is a superb blend of durability, lightweight material, and protection.

It’s also key to have a wax for your board that will keep you glued to wherever you land your feet. Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax is the original surf wax and has maintained its top spot for good reason. Rub this guy on your board and it’ll give you the best chances for scoring your own surf records.

Of course a great board is essential too, but that’s a choice that requires trying out endless boards and finding one that matches you uniquely. (If your in the area - Cape Cod, MA - stop by one of our BoardStiff stores and check out some of the best surfboards around. Otherwise, the rest of it comes down to pure grit. The best way to become the best is to get out there and start working at it, just like Quincy did.

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