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To Zorb Or Not To Zorb...Just Do It

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You may have never heard the term Zorbing before. After all, it is a pretty wacky concept. But it’s undeniably fun and one of the most up and coming outdoor fun sports on the scene.

Zorbing is nothing more than rolling around in a big plastic hamster ball down a hill. Yup, a huge inflatable ball is blown up, a person climbs inside, and the ball is pushed down a hill.

The experience of riding down the hill is exhilarating and unique. Because the ball is generally clear, the rider can see through it onto the earth below throughout the entire ride. Given the distinct motion of the ball as it careens down a hill, the sensation of being inside is said to be almost indescribably, but similar to weightlessness. As if the borderline outer space feeling weren’t enough, it’s also popular to add some water to the inside of the ball. This water rolls and moves along with the rider inside of the ball adding to the uniqueness of the feeling.

So, where did the idea for such a wacky sport first start? It looks like the first indicator of this as a future sport started several decades ago with the invention of the hamster ball. This invention was obviously intended for hamsters to get safe exercise at home.

However, humans, in their infinite creativity, decided that this invention would be be utilized by humans looking to take downhill racing to a new level. Now, Zorbing has touched at least 4 continents and is considered a favorite pastime by millions. If you haven’t yet tried it, you should!

So, what do you need to get out and get Zorbing? You’ll need a gently sloping hill. Although flat ground will serve you just fine, a hillside it the most fun. (There are even Zorbing Parks popping up now) .You’ll need a Zorb, of course! There are many varieties and special types of Zorbs. Pick the one that looks the most fun to you and get Zorbing. Lastly, you may need water and swimwear if you decide to opt for the aquatic version.

This sport is as flexible and creative as the brains that came up with it. As such, get crafty with how you decide to Zorb! Take a look at this article for some further explanation and then get in a Zorb to see for yourself why something so strange has become so loved!

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