Kelly Slater Sunglasses by Electric

Kelly Slater Sunglasses by Electric

Kelly Slater is an American professional surfer known for his competitive prowess and style and is the epitome of what stand for - Greatness in all you do!

The 11 time World Champion of Surfing, is arguably the greatest athlete of all time in any sporting category. His unique rhythm with the ocean and incredible competitive savvy has continued to land him at the top in the world of competitive surfing. Over Kelly's years of travel and ocean experience he has become intrigued with protecting the world's natural resources. Bringing awareness to the environmental impact of food production and consuming lifestyles, Kelly has become a leader not only in surfing but also in demonstrating the best practices for sustainable and healthy living.

That's why his collaboration with Electric has produced a signature line of sunglasses that have been designed in California and hand-crafted in Italy - using sustainable packaging with a Bamboo sunglass bag  

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