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Tips For New Runners - Revisited

A few months ago, we provided you with 7 Tips For New Runners. Today, we’re revisiting some of those tips and giving you a few bonus ones to get you motivated for summer and beyond. The hardest part is taking the first step, right? Let’s do it together… who’s ready?

1. Sneakers

Probably one of the most important tips is investing in a great pair of running shoes. When choosing new running shoes, you’ll need to make sure the shoe fits properly from heel to toe. Check for wiggle room, shoe weight and arch support. Also, feet swell during the day, so it’s best to buy running shoes in the evening. Click here for a great article on how to buy the right running shoes. 

2. Socks and Undies

Your running socks act as a cushion between yourself and the pavement and can seriously reduce stress to your feet and joints. Socks made from a synthetic material will wick moisture away from your feet and control temperature well. In this case, cheap vs expensive socks does matter. Leave the cotton ones at home and grab yourself a pair a pair of wool, spandex, or nylon blended that will keep you cool and stink-free.

According to a Runner’s World survey in 2016, 61 percent of runners are for going commando, while 39 percent can’t imagine running without some undies underneath. If you do decide to wear something, make sure it’s non-cotton. So, if you're choosing where to invest, get a few pairs of quick-dry undies and you'll be cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and less likely to chafe year round. Find the best pairs here.

3. Sunglasses

Wear a pair of lightweight sunglasses designed for sports activities. The American Optometric Association recommends sunglass lenses that block out 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays for the best eye protection. Our brand choice for running (and most outdoor activities) is Oakley. Check out their latest lightweight styles here.

4. Start with Walking

There’s no need to jump right into it and try to run 30 minutes straight without stopping. Try alternating walking and running, and take breaks when needed. Pace yourself and know your limits. Try to increase your run (speed or length) each time and gradually build up. Remember, you’re not trying to set any PRs right out of the gate, but always strive to do your best.

5. Running Apps

There’s nothing better to keep you motivated than a running app. Try the Nike+ Run Club if you usually listen to music while you run. They offer a bunch of meditation-focused guided running tracks, helping you focus on the experience, instead of performance. The Couch to 5K apps (multiple options) coach you through nine weeks of running to prepare you for a 5K, even if you have no prior experience. This app is great for those who are goal-driven and enjoy feedback. Map My Run is a great app to automatically store your running routes, distance, and pace. It’ll also give you audio feedback during your run, perfect for pushing yourself to go further.

6. Comfortable Pace and Consistency

The quickest way to make running terrible is to try to go all out all the time. It'll make you tired and out of breath and probably feel totally defeated. Run at a pace that allows you to carry a conversation with someone. We recommend starting off with a running partner who can keep you motivated and makes the run more entertaining. You'll be psyched to notice how much easier running will start to feel once you've been doing it regularly for a few weeks. Once you've built a baseline of fitness and mileage, you can work on running farther and faster.

7. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated with any outdoor activity is crucial. From Runner’s World, drink approximately 1 oz per every 10 lb of body weight 4 hours before running, and if profuse sweating is expected, drink ~0.6 oz per every 10 lb of body weight 2 hours before a run. Give yourself time to use the bathroom before you head out. If you're looking for a general rule of thumb for fluid consumption during your runs: You should take in 4 to 6 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes. Don't forget to rehydrate with water or a sports drink after your run to avoid dehydration. Click here for some great water bottle options from Avex.

8. Music Is Your Best Friend

There’s no doubt that music can sometimes make running feel easier, especially if you have a rocking playlist. Spotify has some of the best running playlists for every type of runner. Music also depends on the person. Some of us love loud energetic dance music to help us push the limit, while others prefer calming music to put them in-tune with their surroundings. After a few runs, you’ll know which playlists are your go-to. We also recommend finding a good audiobook or podcast. If you do have headphones in though, always be cautious of your surroundings. You’ll want to be able to hear traffic, fellow pedestrians, or any hazards that might harm you. Play your tunes at a safe volume.

9. Celebrate!

You put all this time and effort into running and now what? Well for starters, you should feel better than you ever have before. The cardiovascular benefits partnered with the way running can clear your head and boost endorphins makes it a great sport to get involved with. Celebrate your progress by signing up for a fun run. There are so many that involve costumes, paint/color spraying, and more. Most end in a party or having an ice-cold adult beverage.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!


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