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What’s SUP? Benefits of Paddle Boarding

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What’s Sup? What Is Sup? SUP? Alright, We’ll Stop

SUP (or Stand Up Paddleboarding) is one of the most popular board-sports around. Originating in Hawaii (like most outdoor sports), it became popularized in California sometime after 2005 and is said to garner the most first-time participants of any outdoor sport. Basically, SUP uses a surf style board and a long paddle. In that regard, it is a cross between canoeing and surfing. SUP is an awesome form of aquatic exercise that all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. Standup paddling can be done in a variety of forms such as on flat water protected lakes to easy beach paddling, to open water paddling and all the way to surfing waves.


Reasons You Should SUP

Keeps You Healthy

We can’t stress enough how great it is to get out on the water with a paddle board. SUPing (yes, we’re calling it that) is an excellent source of Aerobic and Core-strengthening exercise. A simple surf in the morning, or a rigorous workout after work, paddle boarding keeps your body and mind feeling great.

Anyone, Any Age

You can’t deny that this is a great family activity. Grab your partner and the little ones (don’t forget safety gear) and head out on the water for a day of fun in the sun. What’s great about SUPing is that you could be 8 or 80 years old and still enjoy it. Because you set your own pace, this outdoor activity is loved by all ages.

Feel the Burn

After you’ve got a hold on paddle boarding, get ready to take it up a notch. Ditch the lakes or ponds and take your SUPing to the ocean. Depending on the waves, your core-workout could be mild to intense. There are also SUP competitions and races worldwide. Be sure to check out an event in your area to truly test your SUP skills. As always know your limit and make sure you have proper safety gear equipped!

SUP via SUP RacerStress Reliever

Alright, so workout aside, paddle boarding is just a beautiful sport. Floating on water while enjoying the sunshine and outdoors is an excellent way to relieve stress and clear your head. Also, SUP Yoga is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities. Changing your workouts is important for the overall health of your body. One day a run, one day weight lifting, another day paddle boarding. Change is good!

Improves Balance

Balance and stability tend to decrease as we age. Ironically, that’s just when we need it the most. SUP is virtually an entire balance workout from the moment you step on the board until the moment you get off. Keep training your mind and body… you’ll need it as the years go on!

Saves You $$$

All you really need is a board and a paddle to get going! We always recommend wearing a life preserver and board leash, though. Bringing a whistle along can also be crucial if you need to call for attention. Besides that, the water is free! Who needs expensive monthly memberships when you could enjoy the beautiful ocean anytime at no cost?

SUP via SUP Sports

There’s no doubt that we know about all things SUP. Adapting SUP into your life has numerous benefits that we could list forever. Mainly? It’s fun, low cost, and keeps you centered with yourself and with mother nature. We hope you enjoyed this short list of benefits, and invite you to browse our site for more reads on SUP. For the Massachusetts locals, swing by one of our two Board Stiff locations (193 Main St, Falmouth, MA and 273 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA) and speak to one of our SUP experts. From somewhere else? Give us a call (800-315-0444) if you need advice, or shop online today at

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