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Inboard Technology M1 Longboard

by Inboard Technology
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Item Number: 267260
UPC: 817315020001

The Cadillac of electric skateboards, hands down, has got to be the M1 from Inboard Technology. They have spared nothing to make sure that each person, from beginner to professional Skater gets the perfect ride.

You can go up to 22 mph and the battery life takes you  7+ miles...but don't fear, if you want to go further, they have made the swap-out batteries so easy that anyone can do it.

Three levels of riding modes allows beginners, intermediates and advanced riders to get what they need out of this bad boy

Where's the motor?  Inside the wheel. It is not gear or belt driven so you don't have to worry about them breaking!

The features are plentiful but in the end, it's how the ride feels to you...and we just know... YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!

There is a $50 charge for Standard Shipping on this item 

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